31 October 2008


i cannot believe it is almost here. the past two weeks have been busy, and i have not felt much like blogging. or rather, i have not had much to say. in the midst of working on the first ever, super-duper, holiday grand opening of my etsy shop, i have felt a bit overwhelmed--anti-social, even. perhaps i should have been counting down the days, building up the anticipation for the opening. but i do not like to talk without doing, and since this is not something i have done before, i do not exactly know what i am talking about. does that makes sense?
these are the things i am not sure i am supposed to blog about: the not-so-positive, not-so-exciting part about being a creative person, about striking out on one's own. it is hard to do, but i think it might be even harder to not do, so here i go, here i strike! and i am excited!! although sometimes i get intimidated and too hard on myself and that gets me bogged down. sometimes i forget who i am, or where i have come from, or how far i have come. but! i know that i can do this! and i will do it! tomorrow! or maybe sunday, but in the next two days, for sure.
stay tuned.

17 October 2008

the highlight of my day

seriously, folks: check this out. you will not be sorry.

15 October 2008

sweet boy

this past weekend i was delighted to spend a few days in tennessee visiting ariel and ben. it was so wonderful to see their new house, town, and little tiny boy! we took henry on his first trip to chattanooga and to church. i always knew in theory that newborns just eat, sleep, and poop, but not until this weekend did i realize how true this really is. i am so excited for henry to grow! these are special days for ariel and ben, but i bet henry will have some pretty interesting things to say in a year or two, which is really an exciting prospect.

it is good to be home, though. the air has definitely turned chilly the last several days and fall is here without a question. it's time to take down the lanterns and lights and bring in the chairs from the back porch.
also, today was my first day of part time work! i am looking forward to getting work done in my studio and getting my etsy shop up and running. it felt great to be in my studio this morning and i am excited to announce my grand opening on november 1 (this is only an unofficial announcement. there will definitely be something more official to follow, i promise).

01 October 2008

for anyone who loves childrens' art, it does not get get any cuter than this! seriously, these are adorable and amazing. be sure to look at the finalists as well as the winners. it totally made my morning!