28 September 2008

speaking of faith

this morning on the radio, krista tippet is talking with rabbi sharon brous about the jewish high holy days that will begin this week. the entire conversation is really engaging and insightful, as krista's conversations always are, but i found this particular snippet to be really interesting: rabbi brous' conservative congregation in l.a. is mostly made up of young jews and is part of a jewish renaissance that is sweeping the nation. this renaissance is focused on "making life-giving connections between ritual, personal transformation, and relevance in the world." it was noted that many of those in her congregation previously felt disconnected from their faith and the jewish tradition.
i think it is so interesting how this is similar to my own generation of christians--as we are working to make sense of our own faith, we are working to make the connections between the heritage we have received, our personal practices, and affecting the world. some church leaders despair over the mass exodus (no pun intended) of young christians from the church, but i feel encouraged at the fact that their are others out there, christians as well as jews, who are searching for and creating a meaningful faith experience.

that is my small thought for the day. is it not perfect or complete.


  1. hey L. yeah, i think it's an oddly good thing that our gen is largely uncurched and looking to reshape faith to be more authentic. i wonder what our conclusions will be. we need our heritage for sure, but maybe there is a time for going without it?

  2. i just visited your shop! i love it!