26 November 2008

if you blog it, they will come. . . .

i haven't been a regular blogger lately, partly because i don't have anything earth-shattering to say, partly because. . . um, is anyone reading? well, i am going to pretend you are! so, i'm off to thanksgiving with the family, including some cousin and baby-cousin time at the cabin. i will be back saturday, probably with photos and interesting things to say, and hopefully some shop updates.
happy thanksgiving!

18 November 2008

in the shop now!

i did it! here they are! the cards are finally done and in the shop. if you get there and find them sold out, email me. i'm working on some other fun christmasy things, too. and did i mention that this is FUN? because it is. this is a lot of fun, hard work. off to the studio now!

12 November 2008

sneak peek: partridge, pear, tree

here are the cards i have been working on! i have three designs down so far, and am working on the finishing touches to the fourth. i am a bit behind schedule, but am planning on having these in the shop by the weekend.
i'm learning a lot about photographing things, too, which is fun. still working on getting the lighting right. i have to admit that all of this is a LOT of work. which, i knew in theory, but in practice it is a little bit of a jolt. all in all, though, i would say that so far i have really been enjoying the challenge. i have never been one to wade in the shallow end if i have the option of flailing and gasping for air over in the deep end.

09 November 2008

to make up for my unproductiveness on novs. 4 & 5, i now apparently feel the need to tell you all the things i did today. they are as follows:
had brunch with amy.
posted my very first ever items on etsy. yes, finally. more to come.
went to the studio and worked on the 'more to come'.
did a lot of finishing and adding and tweaking to etsy.
logged my 'october expenses' and did 'paperwork'.
washed 'the dishes'.
swiped a birch beer from julia. (they are so good! by the way, we are growing a nice little collection of bottle caps on top of the fridge lately. i need to figure out what to do with them.)
'cleaned' my bedroom/office.
scheduled a much-needed haircut for tomorrow morning (it's starting to look a little too 'business in the front, party in the back' if you know what i mean. not good).
did some more finishing, adding, tweaking to etsy.
updated my facebook page to include my etsy information, which i guess makes it official now (although i have not sent out my official grand opening email to all my friends and family--read: discount codes--so if you are reading this, don't go to my etsy site yet! it's not quite ready! don't go there until i tell you it's ready!)
and with that silliness (not to mention the 'quotes' and the parentheticals), i will sign off. it has been a long, cold day.

06 November 2008

confession: the elections totally derailed my progress as an etsy shop owner. i couldn't help it! this was an historic event! tuesday was a long, long day, starting with some early morning volunteering with the vote yes! campaign (which passed--yay!!), then standing in line to vote, then partying all night. while standing in front of our polling place holding the vote yes! signs, i found myself wishing i had made the signs into a sandwich to hang around my neck, which made me wish i had constructed an outfit out of my signs. which i decided to do for the party, at least. here are some visuals, but the entire day is chronicled in my new flickr page. it was a good one! my new goal for opening my etsy shop? this weekend. promise.