12 November 2008

sneak peek: partridge, pear, tree

here are the cards i have been working on! i have three designs down so far, and am working on the finishing touches to the fourth. i am a bit behind schedule, but am planning on having these in the shop by the weekend.
i'm learning a lot about photographing things, too, which is fun. still working on getting the lighting right. i have to admit that all of this is a LOT of work. which, i knew in theory, but in practice it is a little bit of a jolt. all in all, though, i would say that so far i have really been enjoying the challenge. i have never been one to wade in the shallow end if i have the option of flailing and gasping for air over in the deep end.


  1. oh my goodness! i'm about to cry! they are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! you are making the world a more lovely place to live. and i'm not being dramatic.

  2. Laura - I love these! ...just waiting for them to go on sale in your shop :-)

  3. Laura I love your work, and I do read your blog. Keep it up!