09 November 2008

to make up for my unproductiveness on novs. 4 & 5, i now apparently feel the need to tell you all the things i did today. they are as follows:
had brunch with amy.
posted my very first ever items on etsy. yes, finally. more to come.
went to the studio and worked on the 'more to come'.
did a lot of finishing and adding and tweaking to etsy.
logged my 'october expenses' and did 'paperwork'.
washed 'the dishes'.
swiped a birch beer from julia. (they are so good! by the way, we are growing a nice little collection of bottle caps on top of the fridge lately. i need to figure out what to do with them.)
'cleaned' my bedroom/office.
scheduled a much-needed haircut for tomorrow morning (it's starting to look a little too 'business in the front, party in the back' if you know what i mean. not good).
did some more finishing, adding, tweaking to etsy.
updated my facebook page to include my etsy information, which i guess makes it official now (although i have not sent out my official grand opening email to all my friends and family--read: discount codes--so if you are reading this, don't go to my etsy site yet! it's not quite ready! don't go there until i tell you it's ready!)
and with that silliness (not to mention the 'quotes' and the parentheticals), i will sign off. it has been a long, cold day.

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