31 October 2008


i cannot believe it is almost here. the past two weeks have been busy, and i have not felt much like blogging. or rather, i have not had much to say. in the midst of working on the first ever, super-duper, holiday grand opening of my etsy shop, i have felt a bit overwhelmed--anti-social, even. perhaps i should have been counting down the days, building up the anticipation for the opening. but i do not like to talk without doing, and since this is not something i have done before, i do not exactly know what i am talking about. does that makes sense?
these are the things i am not sure i am supposed to blog about: the not-so-positive, not-so-exciting part about being a creative person, about striking out on one's own. it is hard to do, but i think it might be even harder to not do, so here i go, here i strike! and i am excited!! although sometimes i get intimidated and too hard on myself and that gets me bogged down. sometimes i forget who i am, or where i have come from, or how far i have come. but! i know that i can do this! and i will do it! tomorrow! or maybe sunday, but in the next two days, for sure.
stay tuned.

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