02 December 2008

so, because i am me, my thanksgiving photos are not actually of people, but of The Midwest. i am not sure anyone gets the same kick out of dirt piles and barren fields that i do. but ever since i got my digital camera, i have rediscovered how much i love taking pictures--and discovering how easy it is to do with a digital camera! i was so anti-digital for so long, but being able to take pictures and look a them right away, and share them like this is so easy! i wish i had done it before (i realize everyone else probably already knew all this, but i can't help but share).

i did manage to take a couple of pictures of my favorite child. it's okay to have favorite children, right? even if it's not, i can't help it. i am so taken with the tiny redhead who asks, 'um, lowa bwown. . . do you have a walwus?' (we played a lot of animal-themed go fish this weekend). here she is with her pre-thanksgiving feast olive fingers, and then making paper chains with her cousin (who is also an entirely delightful child. they all are, really). the pigtails kill me.

it was a great, relaxing weekend of great food and wonderful people. i feel totally refreshed because of it.


  1. These photos are lovely, Lowa Bwown. I want to see more!

  2. loved this post...makes me miss the midwest...sigh...on and it is totally ok to have a favorite child...this one looks like a keeper...xo