09 December 2008


you know when you are going through something that is not fun, and there are little glimpses of hope along the way? i have been feeling a little discouraged lately, life has been a little overwhelming. but in the midst of that, there have been really wonderful moments: friends emailing to check on me, out-of-town guests encouraging me, and a quiet walk through the snow to help me sort out my thoughts a little. i forgot about how bright winter nights actually are, and was delighted to be stopped in my journey to watch a train pass up close. i am reconciled, for now, with this season.


  1. Hi Laura, I love being reconciled to the season...I'm not yet as I'm never really a fan of winter UNLESS it snows...There's no snow here, just cold and wet.

  2. i'm glad you are reconciled. i love you and love the train pictures and your new posts. and i think that in a week and two days i will see you in person!