16 March 2009

hoo-ray, it's mon-day!!

or, at least it's 65 degrees in the twin cities, and that makes even a monday a great day.
off to the studio to get some work done in daylight.
also looking forward to my brand-new, life-changing book that came in the mail (finally! who knew media mail takes a month?).
i'm not kidding about the life-changing part. i am really excited.


  1. oh, yeah! this book is going to change your life. good job. i miss you. i want to talk to you more. soon. love.

  2. OK, Laura - seriously, you just made my whole day. Thank you so much for spreading the Boss of You love. :)

  3. Hmmm, I need to get my hands on a copy 'o dat. I'm writing up my 5-year plan next month and could use some expert input!