04 March 2009

more officialness.

here they are! i finally made it to the studio with my camera, so here are the first photos of the little press-baby. i have diagnosed her problem, which is that the roller hook arm on the left side is not solidly attached where it needs to be. however, i don't know how to fix this. if anyone out there does, please let me know! i have tried posting on the briarpress discussion board with not much luck. perhaps i will try again with my updated knowledge.
i really cannot wait to get printing!
she came with lots of type. here is a small sample.
this is my name, spelled out in type (duh). i'm going for expositionalness today. i'm also having dinner from mcdonald's. there, i said it.


  1. i'm eating pepperoni out of the container. she is so adorable! get down with your expositionalness!

  2. that arual block is awesome. i love it as your header. a lot.