25 March 2009

road trip.

this is what i want to do today, instead of going to work. well, one of thousand things i want to do instead of going to work. my attempted zen attitude about all things work-related is rapidly going down the tubes. it takes so much energy to try to be positive about it! and i am a positive person, in general (right? unless i'm dillusional).
just realized that tomorrow is the full* moon, no wonder i want to run wild.
as a distraction, though, isn't this photo amazing? i am loving flickr lately, and this guy's photos are all quite captivating.
image found here.
*and by full, i mean new, now that mel has set me straight. i guess i have no excuse for my wild-wantings.


  1. Oh my goodness! I want to be there with you in this photo road-trip. To verify: yes, you are indeed a positive person - one of the things I love so dearly about you. (PS...tomorrow is a New Moon, rather than the Full Moon :) ).

  2. what happens to capricorns on new moons?

  3. gloriousss sky!
    ...I have those Zen attitude moments too.
    ~Happy Spring*

  4. I love road trips! Especially ones where I get to drive along the coast.