19 March 2009

what do i call it?

in an effort to create interest and continuity, i have decided to implement the regularity of featured blogging content (wow, that was a stuffy sentence!). so let us commence with the inaugural installment of cube food* (a temporary name, i am terrible at names. i did name my business after myself, after all. any good suggestions would be greatly appreciated).
i have chosen thursday as the day for cube food, because thursday is my favorite day of the week and this is a favorite thing i am doing here. so, without any further ado, i give you. . . what i have been eating at work lately!
ooh, maybe a little further ado: the cheese is yummy, yummy driftless sheep cheese. i usually go for the donnay dairy goat cheese at surdyk's, but apparently all the donnay goats are about to have some kids and aren't milking. the driftless is really good, although i do crave that perfect, tangy chevre (it's the best in the world). i topped it with the greens and curry chicken.
the chocolate is some amazing thing with cocoa nibs and nutmeg.

*also, almost immediately after i so carefully and proudly scheduled this post to publish, i was informed that no one gives a you-know-what about what i had for lunch. incidentally, this also comes from the same people who suggested i create interest and continuity through regular blog content. apparently, i am easily influenced? easily intimidated? i guess we'll see how this all goes. tell me what you think, but say it nicely, i'm a little sensitive at the moment.


  1. oh, i like these pictures and i totally give a damn about what you eat 1) because it's pretty and 2) because it's characteristic of you and makes me feel close to you. Anyway, "cube food" gives me a “cuban food” association. What about “cubicle food”? I sort of like the clinical twinge of it.

  2. I've never been into the food blogs, although I know a lot of other people enjoy them. These little posts of yours do, however, 1.) make me hungry and 2.) inspire me to make something a little nicer than my usual peanut-butter-applesauce toast. So thank you. And godspeed donnay goats, godspeed.

  3. I like your 'lil food posts. They are funny. KL said it best with "it's characteristic of you".

    Write on ;)

  4. i like cube food. it's snappy. and i'm so glad this post finally showed up! i saw it on my dashboard, but then the "page was not found" and i was bummed because i like the bananas. . . and because i generally like reading your posts.

    thanks for the encouragement on my latest, by the way, and i hope all works out with you and mr. jennings. i do have a bit of a crush as well. he writes so beautifully about love. which makes me wish. . . well, a lot of things.

  5. I've read that same dogma. I think it's complete crap. To me, blogging isn't so much what you say, but how you say it. I'd read a blog about cement mixing as long as it was well-written and the pics were pretty! Carry on.

    KristinaSweetfern Handmade

  6. I like cube food! What about using the word "box" instead of "cube"? That's my only idea. And you do eat much nicer things than I ever did - I think I lived off Hot Pockets and Lean Cuisines. nd then I'd binge on vending machine food because I was still starving after the Lean Cuisines. NASTY.

  7. ooh, like box lunch?! that sounds exciting, like i'm on a trip, or getting auctioned off to the highest bidder!

  8. the photos of your food are very nice. i want to eat them.
    what kind of chocolate is that? i want to buy it.
    i like the interest point. i like real life.

  9. Cookbooks with pictures of what your food is supposed to turn out like, or at least what it turned out like at the test kitchen, are always most interesting. Your blog re: food with the actual image of it is inspiring and refreshing. Any pebble sandwiches lately?