02 April 2009


oddly enough, i have not been eating in my cube this week. however, i did get part of my amazon order in the mail! and i am excited. i really tried to hold back on the number of pictures of pages from the books, for your sakes.
the cd's have already had a spin or two in the player (i am currently reveling in the twenty minutes of peepers at the end of middle cyclone. i hope that's not a spoiler for anyone. they are the sound of spring).
i am excited about at least reading about making cheese and butter; whether or not i am going to have the time or opportunity to make cheese and butter is another matter.
general printing is likely to change my life. i am quite hopeful.


  1. Oh I LOVE Amazon Arrival Day! Hooray!

  2. that print book looks so old-school and fabulous. i love you.

  3. Ohh Amazon...the best. The Lost Crafts book looks so good!

  4. great finds! i just added Lost Crafts and General Printing to my wish list (: