27 April 2009

a short post on monday=a great weekend.

one morning i look out my window and BAM! the tree across the alley is all decked out in gorgeous white blossoms. happy sigh.

oops, this is not from the weekend, but the type i set in my first letterpress class:

at the last minute, i snagged a ticket to voltage, which was pretty great (although anthony and i agreed that it was not quite as stunningly life-changing as last year's). hands down favorite: lucy michelle and the velvet lapelles, fittingly dressed up like gypsies. i wasn't able to get many great pictures, but here are a couple. i was particularly glad to see some models that looked like fairly normal girls.

also loved: m. ward (always a fabulous show), the farmers' market, a beautiful rainy sunday lounging, cleaning, cooking, and eventually having all kinds of friends over for a lovely dinner. a full, happy weekend makes the prospect of going back to work a little more bearable.
welcome, spring!


  1. I've really got to get my ass out to Voltage sometime ... glad to hear it was a good time!

  2. so glad it was as good as it portended. how's that. . . portended?

  3. Dag burnit, girl! You had an excellent weekend. I'm so impressed with your letterpress. Can't wait to see your creations.