14 April 2009

easter weekend.

this weekend was a lot of good food, adorable children, and many rounds of rumikub with the grandma. i feel really sick tonight (is today tuesday? i am so confused). i never get sick, but i have been more sick in the last four months than i have been since my kindergarten strep marathon (nine times in nine months, folks). and although i don't want to blame my new boss directly, or blame anything really, i would not be surprised if my raging headaches, fevers, and nausea were work-stress-related. i hate being sick. i hate not being able to do things, and being forced to lie on the couch, sweating it out. i have goals to work on, people! and here i sit with time on my hands, and no energy to do any of them. grrrr.
also, we have an ant problem that i do not know how to solve. also, our apartment is being shown this week and i have to keep it clean. i feel overwhelmed by life tonight.
hey, but aren't these kids so adorable? let's look at how cute they are:zoey heads up the composition portion of the afternoon while greta and graham assist. i love the little pink dresses and the feet!

grady is totally fascinated with the camera--seriously, this is the most easy-going baby i have ever met.
annika reads to the older baby-cousins while ava scoots around, reaching for her own book. she is the other most easy-going baby i have ever met. so sweet.

and of course, i love me some good midwestern architecture.
my mom is pretty intent on the game, and grandma makes her power play. she's pretty good at rumikub, especially for a woman who says, "now, how do we play this game?" every time the tiles get dumped onto the table. she still wins.

i am inheriting hands that look like this. i think they are beautiful.


  1. The picture of your Mom is funny. And, if I was you, I would feel so very fortunate to one day have hands like your Grandma's. They are so beautiful...makes me smile.

  2. Correction: hands like your Mom's. Right on.

  3. oh my god!! i love the grandma rummikub pictures!!

  4. SO much adorableness ... in kiddies and adults!

  5. Such cute little faces! And hands;) I came over to tell you I hope you're feeling better. Total bummer. Maybe the approaching warm weather will help:)

  6. Those are fine looking hands. :) Looks like an Easter full of family, perfect. Hope you are feeling better.

  7. will you put those photos on flickr? i loff them. all the pink and green! and i miss my family :)

  8. You sweet thing. Having been there only makes the images spread out in both directions, fore and aft, and brings them to life once again. You really captured the babies so well.