29 May 2009

how i ended up liking mornings, or: my favorite part of my house.

shhhh!! i am playing hooky from work today! mostly because i have about a million things to do, and no time to do them. today i just want to talk about coffee (!) and about the sun in the mornings, especially in the summertime--if there is anything that makes up for the forty below in minnesota, it's these looooong summer days. i wake up in the morning and, for a few seconds, think i have been transported somewhere exotic, with all-night sunshine. anyway, about the coffee:
my programmable coffeemaker has changed my life. seriously. every weekday since i received it, i have programmed it to brew my coffee at six a.m. and you know what? it has made all the difference in the world. admittedly, sometimes the coffee sits in the coffeemaker until six-thirty, but for the most part, the gurgling sound and coffee smell are a great alarm clock (i still need my normal one, don't get me wrong). and in the warm months? ah, i love to sit on my back porch and just be in the sun. or write my morning pages, now that i do that.
the mug is one of my favorite possessions, the first piece of pottery i bought in college, and carried all over the world with me (or, at least to norway). and when i say 'possession', i mean, i'm weirdly possessive about it. i can't really handle seeing anyone else drink out of it. i'm not like that about anything else i own.
i will really miss this back porch. but somehow, i think my new back porch, with the private backyard and garden, will not be too difficult to get used to.
i hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


  1. Morning rituals are so important. Glad you're crafting a new one for the new house!

  2. awww Laura, I love your coffee routine, morning pages, and that you're skipping work today. My since-February roommate has a programmable coffeemaker and she makes enough for both of us. So when I hear her leave at 7:30, I get up and have coffee and get ready for work. It's bliss.

  3. Coffee is very important. Funny, I could program it, but I still stand over it tapping my fingers until it's ready...maybe that is now so much a part of the ritual (or I'm really lazy at night). BTW, The Artist's Way is certainly working for you. Have a great weekend!

  4. thanks, liza, i am really enjoying the artist's way--although i am working my way through it very slowly. and the waiting for the coffee? problem solved with the "pause and serve" ability! oh, i love my coffeemaker. . . probably a little more than is normal/healthy (?)

  5. yes yes yes. first, i played hooky yesterday afternoon too (shhh!). so worth it. second, i'm also very in love with my morning routine. and third, i have a similar obsession with my favorite coffee mug. (when my college-era mug broke last year, i burst into tears--and the promptly tracked down the potter and bought another.) i've never used the programmer on my coffee maker. i just might have to try that tomorrow!