08 May 2009

summer wheels.

i never really think about buying a car. i get around pretty well on my bike, or the bus, or i am happy to hibernate most of the winter instead of going out in the -40 degrees. however, when the weather warms up, i start to yearn for a new set of wheels. i long to speed along in traffic on an efficient, beautiful little scooter. but these are merely dreams. and for now, i am okay with that. perhaps someday i will have a little vespa of my own, but until i marry rich, i will just drool over other peoples'. like these, on flickr (they sort of represent the real scooters i see around town).

a cute little pink number (ania.havia).

my own talented sister.

what i am most likely to end up with (by sicoactivia).

more lovely vespa photos that i couldn't figure out how to save right here.


  1. thanks for the shout-out! i love the vespa idea.

  2. Right there with you - I know I'd kill myself in under 10 minutes, but I LONG for a Vespa!

  3. what's that green called? the top vespa?

  4. btw, the blue one's name is audrey. she belongs to my friend lee, and he would want you to know.

  5. yes yes yes, i want a vespa too! someday...