22 May 2009

sleep deprived, week three (and i don't even have a baby).

you know what people don't usually photograph and upload to their flickr photostreams? moving. it makes sense. it's not that exciting. in fact, it's kind of stressful. i can't even describe how tired i am. there are some boxes sitting in my living room. i haven't managed to make time to pack any of them, but they are here, waiting. tomorrow night maybe? oh, and i mentioned flickr, because when i searched for pictures of 'moving', this was the best option i got (which i happen to love, because it reminds me of the mountains and ghost towns and cowboys):
(photo found here.)

is this post even making any sense? as i write this, it's almost friday (only nine more minutes!) and my mind is not exactly cooperating with me. work has totally fried me this month. i realized this week that the major project i am finishing up at work is the first one of its size, possibly ever, that hasn't made me cry. i kind of can't believe that 'not crying' is a positive assessment of my current job.
but where was i? oh, yes. moving. this weekend. fortunately, my parents are coming to help, and the heat wave seems to be over, so hopefully the weekend will include a little rest (and maybe even a hamburger?!) along with the heavy physical labor.
what are you up to on this lovely three day weekend? i hope that whatever it is involves some sunshine, rest, and being with the ones you love.


  1. you to dear one.

  2. Eep!

    I feel ya. :(
    There is an impending move on my horizon at the end of August...and it was only last June that i packed up my whole life to move from Portland, OR to Buffalo, NY...with a 9 week old pup no less(!).

    Stressful, indeed.
    I wish you the smoothest move possible.
    Though on the upside, it's always fun to nest up a new space, no? :)

  3. oh, yes. i am very excited about the new nest. thanks for the well-wishes!

  4. speaking of sleep-deprived, i went to bed at seven last night! and got up at seven-forty this morning! it's been a crazy week; maybe it's the moon or the nationwide weather patterns, or. . . i'm sympathizing telepathically with your moving stress. i really think that could be part of it.

    anyway, on to your question. i want to go to a class at the Y today, and i'm REALLY thinking of grading papers this weekend so that next week i can just get organized for summer and give finals and go to graduation. and then school will FINALLY be over.

    can't wait to see your new house!

  5. I love the photo you found. I hope the move is going well!