03 June 2009


hurray for pirated internet! (our comcast will be transferred and connected on friday, so i am looking forward to the return of reliable internet.)
and now i am going to show you the part of our house that looks the best, although tonight we made some great progress, unpacking books, breaking down boxes, getting more things put away. i am quite excited about the garden, the beautiful trees, and the backyard in general. also, i have some other exciting things i have been saving up to share (!), and i am excited to finalize some plans for an official launch of my totally revamped etsy shop later this summer (mid-summer, if you will).
anyway, enjoy the flowers. i certainly have been.


  1. Looks gorgeous in that garden of yours!

  2. YOU are planted in your garden, Miz Iris! :D

  3. you're so legit to actually buy internet access. take pictures of your house already.

  4. hear hear, kim! i think the flowers are just to placate. . . but what the heck--i'll be there myself in TWO TUESDAYS! i can't wait to see you, love.