17 June 2009

new babies, new house.

the party on saturday was so lovely. it was wonderful to see old friends and the new babies. these are the women who have known me the longest, who inspire and encourage me the most. i never end up taking as many pictures as i intend at things like this, especially when i am hosting, but here are a few, which also give you a little better view of my new house. and, as you can tell, there is plenty of light coming in, which made for slightly weird photos (that might have been the photographer more than anything), but is one of my favorite things about the house.

sara made a wonderful vegetable tart, and i made molly's berry pound cake. everything was so tasty, i would repeat this meal anytime.

okay, it really is funny to make those little people do things they don't know they are doing (or are interested in doing, necessarily)! i think they were close to holding hands anyway. . . .


  1. Looks fun. Such cute babies :)

  2. That veggie tart looks delectable!

  3. looks like a lovely event. the babes holding hands is really cute....

    thanks for coming by my blog and your kind comment!

  4. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    Lizabeth xoxo

  5. Love the flags and those little peanuts! Adorbs:)