17 July 2009

hello, good-bye.

i have one day left at the job i don't like. and then. . . . who knows?
there was a time in my life when i would have cried at that thought. but today, all i can do is beam. i'm not even kidding! since giving my two weeks' notice, i thought there might be a moment of nostalgia, an "i can't believe i'm not going to be here anymore!", a twinge of regret over the impending lack of funds. but let me tell you something:
the company does not make any acknowledgment of peoples' exits. the official position is that if co-workers want to do something nice, they are allowed, but the gesture cannot originate from anyone in a management position. the exact words of the boss are, "people who quit are dead to me."
nice, huh? it makes it unbelievably easy to walk away from a job where they don't even say, "thanks for all your hard work, laura." (although i will say, i have gotten nothing but supportive, encouraging, and slightly envious words from co-workers--not to mention the cake! the lack of a formal company-approved farewell make thoughtful actions like that even more meaningful.)
not only have i not felt anything but happy confidence about my decision all week long, but i am realizing that there could not be a better time for me to get out of there.
i could go on and on about how excited i am to live my dreams, but honestly, i am tired of thinking about it and analyzing the preaching "why should i wait until the recession goes away before i do what i love?!" business (which i firmly believe). i am tired of anticipating, i am tired of planning. i'm ready to dive in.
i have no idea what will happen. and that thought is thrilling! everything will work out. i really do believe that. i am excited to make things happen and to go after what i want.

speaking of what i want, and the life i am going after, i had a really great time last night at the launch party for local food blog simple, good, and tasty. it was at the birchwood cafe, which was perfect, and i enjoyed some great local food and wine with my friend mc (i met mc and lee, the founder of simple, good, and tasty, at my letterpress class!). i wish i had photos, but yesterday was the one day i left my camera at home. it felt great to be outside, eat wonderful tiny pulled pork sandwiches, meet new people, and talk with a friend about life and art and community. i think we are going back on saturday for some tour de france brunch (brioche french toast, anyone?).
i am looking forward to the weekend, knowing i can freely make plans for socializing since i know i will have time to be in the studio during the week!
did i mention how great i feel about my decision? i am looking forward to the weekend, and even to monday!
i hope your weekend is wonderful!


  1. YEY YEY YEY!! I'm so excited just reading this today. You are going to love your life!! Starting with the brunch. Yum. Have a beautiful, free weekend, Laura!

  2. "People who quit are dead to me"? FOR REALLY? I am so glad you're getting the eff out of there. Enjoy your weekend, and the start of your new adventure!

  3. yay laura! glad you are free :)

  4. I'm so glad you decided to spend your last night as a corporate hack celebrating with us! Thanks for all the links and kind words, it was great to see you. Wish I could make it to watch the Tour with you and MC tomorrow (maybe Molly will make it too?). Congratulations to you - I'm excited for your next adventure. Let the games begin!

  5. Yippeee! Very excited for you to start living your dreams.

  6. Huzzah! And now, a happy (possibly low SES) life. Seriously though, I love being poor because it means I am free to live the life I want. And now you can too! I'm so proud of you! Wish I were there to celebrate.

  7. congratulations. you're looking forward to monday, i.e., you're looking forward now to LIFE! that's quite a statement. i'm so happy for you!

  8. Laura! This is so exciting. And, I know EXACTLY how you feel. at my old job, they never announced that I was leaving. Everyone knew but no one said a word to me about it until my last day. But there was still hardly an acknowledgment of my work or a thank you or anything. Also, I felt the same way.. thought I might regret it.. but all I felt was freedom and hope. It worked out really well and I know it will for you too. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you to help with this new career phase!!!! xo Chelsea

  9. congratulations! great things ahead!

  10. new adventures are always so exciting. Have a lovely weekend.

  11. "people who quit are dead to me." wow.

    i heart the birchwood cafe.

    i mean, i just feel like your life is going to be soooo much better now that you will not have to sit in a negative environment for the majority of your time.

    so many good things will happen now. i love you.

  12. thank you all for your kind words, i feel so encouraged!