14 July 2009

blah blah blah.

i am still sick. i have spent most of the last week coughing. seriously. and i am still exhausted and foggy. i'm not exaggerating when i say it's a struggle to get the minimum done these days. i can't wait to feel better and have my brain back and functioning. getting to work on time is even harder than usual. what are they going to do, fire me?
speaking of which, the boss-man is taking my resignation with all the maturity of a twelve-year-old girl, and hasn't given me so much as a glance since i gave my two weeks'. i'm actually not surprised by this behavior, and i can't say that it makes my workplace any more enticing of a place to be.
the robot boss keeps pushing cough drops on me, since she can hear me hacking away at my desk (this is the woman who didn't really believe that i was sick last wednesday when i called, sans voice, to tell her i was not coming to work that day). i don't want any more cough drops!
on a happy note, a co-worker made me good-bye cake yesterday! two cakes, actually. from scratch, with yummy pineapple frosting.
on an even happier note, look at this unbelievably adorable piglet in a pair of wellies!

(from what possessed me, a blog that has become one of my favorite-favorites with her combination of hilarious writing, appropriately dramatic commentary, and plenty of baby animals. this particular little thing is "a british piglet named cinderella, who won't go in the mud without her boots. " tee hee.)


  1. You're almost there... you can do anything for 4 more days. And then... FREEDOM! Glorious freedom!

  2. it's nice to see that in spite of 12 year olds disguised as adults and the sickly-sickness, you're still managing to entertain us with your appropriately sarcastic humor. ;)

    PINEAPPLE FROSTING?! whoa. can you please let her know my birthday is July 30th and my address is...thankyousomuch!
    And you feel better and try to nourish yourself with something other than cake!

  3. i love that photo! and hope you're feeling much better! xoxo