13 July 2008

mel's quilt!!

i can finally post pictures of mel's quilt (since she knows about it now). the wedding was so lovely, but i am glad it is over--partly because now we don't have to worry about slipping up about the surprise!

this is one of my squares! i printed one of my old plates onto the muslin, which i'm pretty excited about.
i especially want to show off the beautiful texture and swirls of the quilting, done by marylin ubel at northern lights quilting studio. she did such a fabulous job and was so great to work with.
this was the first view that most people had of the quilt, when mel opened it. she was so surprised and impressed (as she should have been! everyone did such a wonderful job on their squares!). i wish i could figure out how to post these two side by side. mel is wearing her other favorite gift of the night, her "just murrayed" shirt from ashley.
we wanted to somehow display our work at the reception so the other contributors could see the finished product. there happened to be an entire blank wall at the museum of visual materials and tim figured out how to hang it up. it fit right in with the other "visual materials" already on display. i had a picture to illustrate this, but i have not got the hang of uploading pictures to my posts yet. trust me, it was beautiful.


  1. What happened to your "let downs" post? I wanted to read it :(

    -studio Mel

  2. i love this tradition ariel has started, although i'm not sure if wanting one of these quilts will push me any closer to matrimony! i love the pictures of all the girls looking at it.

  3. That quilt is truly a work of art. I love that the stitch pattern shows and compliments the design so well.