13 July 2008

i guess my projects lately have been of the sewing nature. i am currently working on a new sofa cover for the sofa at the studio and here are some little sachets i made to go in with my winter things. i think they are so beautiful that i wanted to share them before i put them into the plastic storage bins under the bed! i made them from upholstery samples i got from the fabric warehouse mel and i go to sometimes (we call it the "mood of minneapolis" and pretend that tim gunn is giving us fifteen minutes to find what we need, but of course we always take way longer than that and find more than we ever need). each sample cost fifty cents and i filled them with cedar chips, lavendar, and cloves, a recipe i found online that is guaranteed to get rid of mothball smells, although i am not old enough to have accumulated any of those, thank you very much.


  1. hi laura! i really love to read people's blog's, so please keep writing. i like your art :)

  2. The sachets are lovely! It seems as though textiles are a medium that resurfaces from time to time in your life, but in different forms. Keep exploring.