21 July 2008

a few favorite new things.

since the arrival of summer, i have been looking for inexpensive, pretty things to decorate our porch with and make it more useful. last night we had a few friends over for some kava (a traditional hawai'ian herbal tea) and got to show off our newest finds and our current favorite spot. i hope we get to entertain more before the summer is over (read: invite yourself over to laura's house!)

i love these four seasons tv trays!! i found them at savers for a mere $2 apiece (amy spotted them first, actually). it was so enjoyable to while away the hours with friends. as it grew dark, we decided to test out the new lanterns from ikea. i think they are so sweet! the chairs were a great find, too. i have thoughts about a white, loosely woven curtain. we'll see if they materialize before summer's over and it's too late.


  1. I want to invite myself over! What a beautiful space... I love the TV trays.

  2. so inviting!
    ...i'm invited, right?