14 January 2009


you can call me lazy, and you can call me a wimp, but if you lived in minneapolis right now, i don't think you would be going anywhere you didn't have to go, either. i have even considered calling in sick to work. anything below zero is a horrifying temperature.
all of that is my way of saying that, although i left some of my new valentines at the studio, i just cannot make myself go there to get them. however, it looks like there are a couple of days coming up this week that don't have a minus sign in the temperature, so i will post them soon. i did get the mini valentines posted, so that is progress (i am working on being patient with myself). the only other progress i have really made in the last couple of days has been on my knitting project. you can imagine that i have quite a bit of incentive to finish a scarf right now. there will be pictures of that eventually, too.


  1. yes, we need to slow down in this cold weather, i agree. :)

  2. OMG! I love the 'lil envelopes, too! These are SO great. Can't wait to buy some from you :)

  3. Those are so cute,i love them.

    'designing your life'

  4. these cards are great, i love the lines.

    thanks for visiting my new blog!