06 January 2009


preface: today.
1. i got busted by the elderly proprietor of the laundromat for changing my dollars into quarters without doing my laundry there.
2. i encountered the lovely elderly war protesters on university avenue this afternoon, holding their peace signs high.
3. i made valentines!! (which is what this post is really about).
4. i had a knitting breakthrough (which actually happened last night, but i'm not about to make a whole post about just that).
4.25 a copy of glamour showed up addressed to me. huh?
4.5 i am succumbing to the minnesota winter and am carbing it up tonight: i made sweet potato fries and downed two slices of wonderful bread from anthony. and i still want more. . . .
5. i finally did my mountains of laundry and am excited to sleep in (on?) my new organic sheets tonight. ahhhh!!!

now on to the real post. ahem.
i don't really care for the phrase "i heart", but in this case it seems applicable. i finally got out my gocco set, which i also heart, and made some little valentines.
i also love valentine's day. i'm not exactly sure why, i certainly have never actually had a valentine, but for as long as i can remember, i have loved making heart-shaped greetings out of construction paper and doilies. here is a sneak peek of my grown-up version, the real things will be in the shop by the weekend. a new batch of sachets, too.

oh, and also because i cannot resist, i am telling you to go look at the art of amy bennett. it is magical. read her statement, too. it made me want to do cartwheels.

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