21 January 2009

this is how i feel after catching up on clips of yesterday's events. from aretha's bow to elizabeth alexander's poem to obama's speech to michelle's beautiful gown (i do not have the energy to turn those each into links to photos). i mostly just cried and knitted and got goosebumps the whole time i was watching it.
i woke up this morning to a story from steve inskeep about the bumble and pause of chief justice roberts and president obama (oh, magical words!!) during the swearing-in. the jist of it was that "both men's politeness prevailed, and the very first moments of this new administration were of two men from opposite parties, working together to get it right". i put that in quotes and it is what i recall, not what i fully researched and know for a fact to be a direct quote.
the other thing piece of news i found amazing and encouraging yesterday is that there were two million people on the mall, and not a single arrest. not one! that is exciting, and a good start to this new era.

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  1. I heard that Bush's presidency ended at noon, but that the swearing in did not happen until 12:05. That means that for 5 minutes Biden was our President. Good job ole chap! :)