22 January 2009

mystery mail

three issues of glamour magazine have shown up in my mailbox within the last two weeks--two issues in the last two days. i'm being pelted with them, inundated with them! is someone trying to tell me something? something like, "start dressing better!"??
which, since i am very, very single these days, seems to be the only piece of relevant glamour information. unless someone (the universe? the relationship fairy? cupid?) is trying to prepare me for something that i do not know about. well, i will be prepared, all right. i have three months worth of beauty tips and sex tricks to catch up on.
are you kidding?! i don't even have time to read the magazines i actually subscribe to, let alone the ones that make me question every facet of my being. maybe i will start calling them "ugly magazines", describing how they make me feel rather than what they are supposed to help me be.
i am trying to think of something crafty to do with them, like shredding them and weaving the shreds into placemats or floormats. or maybe i can donate them to the yw. there's always a shortage of current ugly magazines there.
maybe. after i read the britney article. . . .
but seriously, i have no idea why the glamour gods have decided to smile upon me. i have no idea where the magazines are coming from.


  1. hm, magazine pelting...good or bad...cant decide.

  2. i love glamour magazine and i am very jealous.

  3. My sister had a mystery subscription show up as well! Maybe they are sending them to bloggers... who knows!