24 January 2009

just a little saturday morning quandry.

sometimes i feel like living in minneapolis is like dating a boy that i really really like, but with whom i do not see much long-term potential. perhaps that is a sad analogy, but it's true. minneapolis has never done me any real harm, and always takes me back after i have been awanderin'. he is stable, he is nice, even if sometimes a little passive (this is minnesota, after all). but sometimes a little cold (literally and figuratively). sometimes i don't feel like we connect that well. sometimes i get the itch to move on to someone--i mean, somewhere--that might be a better fit. greener pastures and whatnot. and other times i think i just need to stick it out, make it work. after all, there is something to be said for having a history with someone, knowing them, trusting them. even if they sometimes don't understand you or communicate with you that well.
someday i will be moving on. but for now i am going to enjoy my freezing city. i'm going to pull on my long underwear and throw my heart into my current life and location. for today, i will make it work.


  1. I'm going to tell you what I've told numerous girlfriends - Don't Settle Laura Brown! You deserve a city that makes you dance in the rain and sing on the mountaintops because it makes you that happy! Come to where there is free love for all, original art in all the grocery stores,and streams of your favorite beer! Come . . . to San Francisco!

  2. staying is always easier than leaving... no one ever tells you that.

  3. Leaving SF is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Living in Minneapolis one of the second hardest things I have ever done. Nothing is easy, but all experiences build upon each other and in the end we are richer for them. The journey is yours, your life happens once, make today reality, but pursue your dreams. Happiness is what we make it.