29 January 2009

thursday is the new friday.

kim said that once. she said it about going out in san francisco, but i cannot tell you how much i would rather do anything but go out tonight (possibly because i no longer live in san francisco).
i meant to go to the studio and get things done.
i meant to, but i am tired. today was that kind of cold, gray day (kind of like all the other cold, gray days we've had for the last million days) that is turning into the kind of gray, lazy evening that is much more given to curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and some hulu, rather than being very productive in any way.
my brain is done. fridays at work are always a little painful, mostly because my brain is just tired and i need a break!
does anyone else vote for the national shift to the four-day work week?
if i were president, that's the first thing i would do.


  1. sigh, at first i thought you were posting about ME.

  2. I get that way about those marshmellowy bunny candies they sell at Easter. And ONLY at Easter. They're like those orange peanut shaped sugary things, but, in pastel colors and bunny form. MMMM.

  3. I meant to leave that comment on the heart candy post. oops.

  4. probably the single most frustrating thing about my life is working part time. b/c i don't want to be. and i don't have a talent to occupy my time off. sigh.

  5. Oh yes, I'm for the four day work week too- sounds good!