12 February 2009


i don't think grace ever needs ME directing traffic to her blog, but i just want to tell the three of you that read this, how much i love the new weekly flower column on design*sponge. seriously, i woke up this morning thinking, "thursday! the office, and weeder's digest". and i have proceeded to refresh my browser all afternoon in anticipation of sarah's hilarious floral commentary. and let me tell you, she did not disappoint in her valentine's day installment.
so hilarious.
so beautiful.
makes me wish even more that i had a man to bring me flowers this year.

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  1. i really need a blogging tutorial. how do you make yours look so good? with all the fun links? and the tags? and where do you find time to keep it up? maybe since i've given up facebook for lent i can channel my energy into learning new things. but help!