10 February 2009

a case of the tuesdays?

ugh. i do not want to go to work today (or any day, really). it is dark and windy outside and i mostly just feel like staying home with some music, coffee, and research. it is time to get serious about this working for myself thing, and it is all i can think about. also, i want to make these cookies. oh, and i want to read the tenth muse, because it looks amazing (is it one of those things i have just not paid attention to before?) a lot of my thoughts lately are about what i want out of life, what i want to do, and what i want to surround myself with--not in a hopeless, depressing way, but in a "let's make it happen" sort of way:
i want to read more.
i want to cook more.
i want to take more photographs.
those are just three, i am holding back a little, because being on the internet is like being in public, and it's good to not let it all hang out all the time.
however, it is off to work for me.
i am always ten minutes late and i hardly ever care. i think that is not such a good sign.


  1. hello, dear. i love reading your posts, and i thought i should start leaving comments. everyone loves comments. they are like nice emails. there's something about winter that makes me want to BAKE, but then i EAT. but i love cookies and chocolate cake. my favorite cookie recipe this winter is from the splendid table, called "world peace cookies" check it out. did you make it to the dentist? hope your teeth are okay. besitos.

  2. "being on the internet is like being in public." i think i'm going to think about that all day.