06 February 2009


so, i keep reading "blogger tips" about luring more readers into my corner and one of the popular suggestions is to have a regular column--you know, something for my loyal fans to look forward to on a regular basis. so as practice, i thought i would give you a sample of the possible topics that might be regular posting material.
i am looking forward to a lot of music coming out in february, particularly m. ward's new album "hold time" as well as this one: this album of covers is a collection of classic rock and roll (am i supposed to use the 'n right there? cause i just don't think i'm that kind of girl) from the last forty years, performed by some of this generation's brightest musicians and bands. the twist is this: the original artists pick the coverers! that's right. so bob dylan picked beck to sing "leopard-skin pill-box hat" and bruce springsteen picked the hold steady to cover "atlantic city" (one of my favorites, by the way).
i love collaborative projects of all kinds, and what i have heard of this one is particularly exciting.

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