26 March 2009

box lunch.

although the weather has been nothing but gray this week, i have had a bit of color in my food this week-some natural, some not.
i do love a good breakfast sandwich, and of course surdyk's does not disappoint. let's talk about surdyk's for a second. it is becoming increasingly apparent for many reasons that i either need to a) stop going there or b) start working there. i am there at least once a day, often twice. i never walk away without something, even if it their 75c coffee--which is really good, by the way. also, my job is getting to me. it really, really drains my soul. and my brain. i have spent this whole week working on feeling positive about it, but i am coming to the conclusion (which i had a hunch about before) that i am just not cut out for boring office jobs. or office jobs at all, probably. so it has crossed my mind to check on the employment opportunities there.
anyway, the food. . . .
we also have for your enjoyment, an orange, cut just the way i like it. and left-over red velvet goodness.


  1. very nice! great pictures choices, composition, colors, etc. i love the orange. it's gray here today too--for once.

  2. Oh the orange!!! It's so perfect with the blue bowl and the lighting and everything.

  3. Your posts add a 'lil bit 'o joy to my days, Laura. I know how keeping your chin up for a job you don't care for is difficult, taxing, and depletes all reasonable energy levels. That said, I appreciate your posts and pics, as they aid me in getting through my own dreary day job. So, thank you, my friend :)

  4. oh yummy yummy. your food pictures always make me hungry and missing surdyks. we could never drive by that place without picking up some sort of cheese and a bottle of wine. yummmm.