26 March 2009

oh, craigslist.

when summer gets here, i must move. but i can't wait until then to look for new little homes on craigslist. as i was browsing tonight, i found some details that cracked me up a little:
2 bedroom
1 Bathroom
1000 sq ft.
Cozy gas fireplace
In Unit, free washer and dryer
extra storage available
2 off-street parking spaces
Fenced in yard for animals
Fire Pit for fun

i understand that the fenced in yard is for keeping the animals, but what exactly are we supposed to do with the fun? burn it in the fire pit? just corral it there, try to not let it escape? can i bring the fun into the house or does it need to strictly remain in the fire pit?


  1. that depends on if it's indoor fun or outdoor fun. i remember we had an outdoor dog growing up, and the neighbor stole it. better let your fun out of the fire pit and into the house once in a while.

  2. that's right, the neighbor stole our dog! and then the next neighbor took our next dog! we are bad at dogs! and kind of bad at cats, too! but we are better at fun, right? i hope so.

  3. I wish I had extra fun that I could waste

  4. Hahaha. That place has fun to BURN!

  5. OMG - I am laughing so hard are your post and these comments...

  6. ha ha! me too! and on a serious note--central air, hell yes! i say do it. i think it's bigger than the house i want to buy. it's definitely twice as big as my current apartment. which isn't saying much. but i still say, do it. wait. i'm talking about that one you emailed to me, not the funny craigslist one. . . which may be one in the same. bye now!