31 March 2009

feels like monday again.

it is so gray and gross outside. i am trying to remember last year at this time, but i must have blocked it out because i cannot at all recall anything about the end of march 2008 or what the weather was like. suffice it to say, i am sick of this winter stuff. and i want to get out of town.
but this little guy has cheered me up!
and led me to more laughs here. i am particularly enthralled with the twins, their matching backpacks, and their little adventures (scroll down to see the story).
i would have actually posted images, but i couldn't get them to work.
the genius behind the birdies is lauren alane.
you can find her here: shop, blog, website


  1. They're DARLING.

    And seriously, this is the worst time of year in MN if you ask me. We are dying for some warmth, and it's nowhere in sight.

  2. not to be boyfriend-obsessed, but this reminded me of the pictures andy's taking lately.


  3. how do you find this stuff? i've been perfecting ground turkey recipes. actually, tonight was the first that was any good. i browned polenta and the ground turkey, then took out the polenta and added burgundy marinara and black olives. layered the meaty goodness over the polenta and slices of mozzarella. yummy! i would take pictures, but you know, that's kind of your thing. maybe next time.

  4. Just for the record, Danville is gray and cold, and Orlando this past weekend was so rainy. So much for the sunshine state - i think this weather is everywhere.

  5. I'm avoiding the weather topic just to say that I love the lead pic of your name set in type.