01 April 2009

P. just posted about this guy yesterday, and i am totally taken with his blog. he makes food and photographs it. his voice is so calm and real, it is a great escape from my dreary workday.
oh my gosh! i am going to stop talking about how dreary my workdays are. i think it is established that i don't like my job, and that i am dying to get out of it, to work for myself, to do something meaningful. so i can stop talking about it, stop obsessing about it, stop giving it any more attention than it deserves.
so i can stop whining!
i hate whining.
and the cure to whining is gratitude, so i am going to be grateful for the things i do enjoy, my friends at work, and friends on the interwebs, two legs that get me to work and home every day, and my eyes that let me take in all the beauty the world has to offer. blah, blah, blah.
i mean it, i really do.


  1. your blog is like a blog showcase lately.

  2. yes, well. i don't feel like i have much original content to share lately. which needs to change.