04 March 2009


i have not ever really wanted to move to new york. i have always thought of myself as more of a west coast kind of girl--or a mountain girl--stranded in the midwest, of course. however, lately, the idea of living in new york does not seem altogether unappealing. today i came across another reason. who doesn't want to blog about all the great places to eat in their city? hmmmm. . . .


  1. I would LOVE to move back to NYC. I only lived there as a student, but I visited a lot after college when many of my friends were still there. Much like my city (DC) very few can afford to live there with families - so no more couches to crash on.

    I have many fond brunch memories...

  2. I know, that blog is SICK.

    Beware New York - it has a tendency to draw you in, bat you around with its paw, and then keep you as its plaything. I was born here and can't seem to stay away for very long...