02 March 2009

it's official.

well, friends, i really wanted some photos to accompany this news, but i have forgotten my camera the last two times i went to the studio, so i had to turn to the wide world of flickr to provide a symbolic photo. thank you, cake & pie, for the photo you didn't know i borrowed. this is actually very similar to what my new girl looks like (yes, she is a girl, it's true).
she is smaller and more complicated than her older brother, the etching press. and she is a great addition to the studio. she arrived on saturday; i didn't have to go anywhere to pick her up or pay for shipping. really, the whole experience was pretty providential. i am excited to start printing all kinds of great things on her, so keep your eyes peeled (although, to be honest, i am currently working out a little problem with her so i need to get her fixed up and working). she also came accompanied by a bunch of great wooden type that will be great for experimenting with.
last night i shared the news with some friends, who so helpfully started to suggest some names for my press/business. as you can imagine, the ideas got sillier as the night went on, and most of them are not at all appropriate for sharing here. however, some highlights include:
pressy press, the most-advocated name by far (by the end of the night the slogan went something like, "pressy press is not an effing joke!"), which evolved into smooshy press and smooshy-pressy-press, obama! (no press necessary in that name, obviously), and press up against me, not to mention the various other puns having to do with being depressed, impressed, oppressed, etc.
and yet, somehow, i am still unsure.
i had other thoughts i wanted to share about the weekend. . . .
friday night i saw some great music at the cedar, perhaps music in one of its best forms: friends playing and having fun together.
i got a haircut and a massage, and managed to snag a sweater for $16 at anthropologie.
the themes of "out with the old and in with the new" are layered all through my life these days. it's kind of amazing to watch.


  1. i LOVE the phrase, "layered all through my life" and i'm most jealous of the anthropologie sweater(of course)not the least reason being that you have an anthropologie AND and ikea in your own city. and then i console myself when i remember that it was 70 degrees today in MY city. and it will probably be 70 again tomorrow.

    quick technical question: did you "blog that photo" from flickr, or did you add it as an image from the toolbar in your blog post?

    and another question: is there a point at which a blog comment gets entirely too long? because i also wanted to say that i almost wished i HAD been live chatting with other bachelor watchers tonight. . . crazy. okay, that's it. love you.

  2. I would like it noted that my "city" does not have an anthropologie, or ikea, or warm weather. Also, i love the naming, but advise against anything related to "depressed" because when summer hits and we're all happy, we will not want the negative vibes. I like Pressie Press, and I can't wait to see what you make!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! I was totally going to say Pressy Presserson!! The "Mc" is a fantastic add-on. I do not know H. Brown, but I do believe she is a brilliant gal. Oh, and don't feel bad about the weather in your city... it's only 65 here. ;)

  4. I still think "The Leather Dress" or TLD, knocks it outta the ballpark (did I screw up that saying?). You'll have to share the story behing TLD, Laura, if you feel comfortable - of course :)