25 February 2009


it is late, i have a headache, and i am possibly already breaking my lenten sacrifice of no gratuitous internet use--which, of course, is not something i should be talking about, especially here, in this very public forum we call the internet.
however!! i have to say that i believe some things are coming together to put me on my desired path sooner than i was anticipating.
but i don't want to jinx anything (wait, do i a believe that?)
i have been working my way, rather slowly--and rather poorly, through the artist's way, the universal creativity rehab course. julia cameron keeps saying things like "leap, and the net will appear". well, for a long time i felt like i was leaping, but no net. just splat! on the concrete below. actually, they are rocks. rocks and scraggly trees and sagebrush (i did grow up in the mountains, after all).
but this week? this week i am leaping. and this week, there seems to be a net. it's a little hard to see, as if it were made of fishing line, it mostly just reflects the sunlight here and there. but it is there. so it is time to close my eyes and take a running jump, limbs spread wide. i have found some friends to help, and i think i have found some equipment.
but, shhhh! nothing's official yet, so no details.
how's that for creating interest, huh?
you're hooked, i can tell.