18 March 2009

the answer to all my problems.

preface: isn't it interesting how now we all talk about money all the time? i heard a segment on npr the other day about how now that everyone is having money troubles, it's not a taboo subject anymore. interesting. . . .
i have been thinking about what to do with my little tax return that should be making its appearance in my checking account any day now. the options:
1. a big, fat credit card payment (old standby).
2. buy a ton of letterpress supplies and go to town.
3. buy a new, bigger bed (i currently sleep in a sad little single--i'm not lame, i swear!)
4. buy this car.

this is probably what i will go with. it will probably change my life entirely, in the following ways:
1. i will finally get to move to california! since the car is not what you would call a practical, minnesota car, i will need to relocate.
2. relocating would be the perfect opportunity to start my own business for real, abandoning my depressing beige cube in exchange for my studio (new, of course, probably in berkeley?), where of course my new art/design/writing life will really begin to take off.
3. i could potentially get back a vw-loving ex-boyfriend, if i wanted.
4. i could probably get any new boyfriend i wanted. this car will make me sexier, right?
5. i will suddenly know what it is i really want.
6. i would finally drop those pesky thirty pounds and be able to achieve the gorgeous thrifty-vintage style i have so long envied about the skinny girls (some things just don't work if you're not a stick). this would in turn make me even sexier, reinforcing benefit no. 4.
7. it's a lot simpler than modern cars, i could learn to fix it myself, which is probably what i would need to do. i might have to stop every so often to put water in my radiator, but really, i like having things that make me slow down and enjoy life. and since i will be a sexy, skinny girl with a new sexy beetle-boyfriend, i won't mind stopping once in awhile to douse the engine.

i guess i can't think of any good reason NOT to buy the car, really.


  1. i really like that car, and think it is so you. and now we can email during work again, thank God.

  2. Have I told I love the way you think? Well I do. And I support anything that brings you to the Bay Area. If you lived in Berkeley we could take the BART and meet in the middle! (Well, not exactly the middle because that would actually be in the bay.)

  3. you are my favorite. i love two things best about this blog: that you put the comma between your coordinate adjectives in your #1 option for tax return money, and the phrase, "sexy, skinny girl with a new sexy beetle-boyfriend." which phrase also makes use of the aforementioned coordinate adjective comma. i love that you edit your posts perfectly.

  4. if you move to California, you should come to San Diego! i love it here my home sweet home :) i like your blog, hello.

  5. Nor can I. That car is the key - DO IT.