29 March 2009

spiritual mansions.

i am super-proud of my friends and their band, spiritual mansions. just enjoyed some good listening last night at the red stag. i am not a music critic, so i have no enthralling words to describe their music or style, except i like it and it's great.

it's moments like this when i wish my blog had a million readers who would all go over to the band's myspace page and check them out, catapulting them to new heights of fame. sigh. maybe someday (i promise i'm not delusional, just a dreamer). i was sitting behind the band, so all the photos are of their backs, pretty much. but again, playing with my little digital camera is a huge source of entertainment for me.
it's also moments like this that make me proud to live in minneapolis and be a part of a community of great art and music, if not specifically me yet, at least vicariously through my talented friends.


  1. pssst! delusional. and i love playing with my camera too! i take it everywhere. well, lots of places.

  2. so who else besides anthony is in this band?

  3. Hello! I found your blog via a comment you left on Design*Sponge! I checked out this band and thought they were great! I passed a song (Smart Hurts) on to my music trading group in DC!