28 March 2009

um. . . .

i just had a bit of an amazon shopping spree, and bought this book, because i saw that other simplicity-loving bloggers are drooling over it.

i think i was distracted when i bought it, because instead of actually looking at the table of contents, i hit "proceed to checkout" and "place order".
then i looked at the table of contents.
some highlights:
dry stone walling
hedge laying
making a fire without matches
catching eels
building wooden boats
skinning a rabbit
plucking a fowl

on the upside, i might be able to make use of things like:
brewing beer
making cider
making butter
making cheese
candying peel

also, the strange stuff will probably be interesting, at least. i will let you know when i get it!
besides, who doesn't want to be friends with rob ryan (cover artist/paper-cutter genius)?


  1. let me know how the eel-catching turns out!

  2. omg, kim. totally. that is hilarious.

  3. Laura - you a nut-job. And I would be interested in...

    dry stone walling
    making a fire without matches
    building wooden boats

    ...so...guess I am also a nut-job.