20 April 2009

wash day.

i should have done my laundry tonight. and by tonight, i mean three days ago. instead, i am just writing about doing my laundry. you know, whatever. i completed step 1* in my very scientific process of getting my clothes clean. keep in mind that i only actually own about a week's worth of clothing. on a recent cleaning out kick, i got rid of all the clothes that i feel gross in. that took out about half of my wardrobe, which was not large to begin with. i also have nothing for spring. let me rephrase that: i have nothing for spring that fits. i had a mean little surprise the other day when i pulled out my summer skirts and dresses (all six of them--i kid you not). let me tell you, they do not fit like they did last summer.
so we can add the diligent counting of calories to my to do list for the next several weeks.

*step 1: pull the heaped-up laundry basket out of the closet, dump out the contents, and sort them. after counting my quarters to confirm that i indeed to not have enough to wash any clothes this evening. this only happens after the laundry has been sitting in the closet, ready to be washed, for about a week, during which i have taken several dives back into said laundry basket for the favorite pair of jeans or a shirt that still smells acceptable.

step 2: drag the overflowing laundry basket out to the living room and let it sit almost in my walking path for one to three days. necessary quarter collecting usually happens during this time and in fact is directly related to the length of time devoted to this step in the process.

step 3: finally collect five quarters, enough to wash one load--but not dry--and dig out the most necessary items from the laundry basket. wash these items and tell myself that this will just "tide me over" (no pun intended) until i have time to wash all my clothes. dry the necessary items on my trusty drying rack.

that's about as far as i ever get. i was never a laundry procrastinator until i moved into an apartment with a horror-movie basement. maybe some day i will share more details about that (cause yeah, aren't we all fascinated with laura's laundry habits?! did i just spend a lot of time and energy telling you about the minutiae of my life? ah, well).
how i dream of a clean, non-coin-operated laundry setup. oh, that will be wonderful. someday.

photo found here. if only i could get away with showing up to work in just my underwear. also, there is an entire blog devoted to the subject of garment racks. who knew?


  1. We have the same laundry habits - as I am certain many of your readers share.

  2. Fight on Laundry Lilly, courage is attacking the basket to fold, to iron and to put away. (I think I'll remind the maid...!)

  3. this is laugh-out-loud funny. so real. and i share your dream of an in-house, non-coin-op washer and dryer in my next place of residence.

    i like the minutiae of your life. i like that you're so honest. i have laundry drying on my own rack right now, and downstairs in the dryer there is more that will not be dry when i go to retrieve it (in the morning of course because it's dark now and the basement is scary) because--you guessed it--not quite enough quarters.