17 April 2009

some high (and low) lights.

i was told today in my "informal" (read: surprise!) quarterly review that i am perceived to be "unapproachable" by some of my co-workers. it's hard not to let stuff like that get to me, even when i don't give two shakes what my co-workers think of me, and especially when the news is delivered by a condescending robot-boss. but still, somehow it is really hard to shake it off.
must. get. out.
in the process of doing research, i came across a press much like the one i bought, only bigger, more local, and cheaper than the press i bought. sigh. i need to be happy with what i've got. i am happy with what i've got! it's hard not to let stuff like that lead to me second-guessing myself and my plan for my life/career/getting out of my miserable unapproachable existence.
i enjoyed a great night of art show and dinner with kelly, which ended with complimentary cupcakes at the bulldog, apparently for telling the host how much we like it there. loke it, is more like it (i am trying to get used to that word as a possible like/love combo i am seeking. i am not sure yet). but seriously, i loke the bulldog! those burgers are the best burgers! and the cupcakes? i have not ever had a bad experience there. ever. except maybe the one time when the music got really, really loud at nine o'clock, but even that is understandable.
and now, because i worked out in about four different ways and times today, i am exhausted. and i know i will sleep like a champ tonight. a definite highlight.
and! i get to have coffee in the morning!


  1. could you live the bulldog? with a long "i"? then it almost sounds like you're about to say like--but with a surprise at the end.

  2. Such a nice place you have created here :) Lovely blog in deed.

  3. should all your coworkers be approaching you all the time? i think not. your boss sounds cranky.