17 April 2009

when it rains, it pours letterpresses.

last night my friend sarah came by the studio and dropped off this little baby (which makes three for me in the press department--more heavy equipment than this girl ever expected to possess). it came along with five trays of type and a box full of more type, furniture, etc, etc, etc. it's all a bit dusty, and the press needs some real tlc, but i like the idea of learning how to restore a press (hopefully i will actually like learning to restore a press just as much).

somehow a leaf got into the type tray and i thought it made a lovely color combination. does anyone know how to make my photos bigger on blogger? do i need to start with bigger photos?
HA! got it.


  1. hi laura...first time visitor. To make your photos bigger, go into the edit html after you finish in compose....you will see where the pixels for the images are...change the height and the width the same amount (so it doesn't lose its proportion). Just make sure you don't make it more pixels wide than your blog is set for. Double check it before you post to be sure it didn't get blurry. Once you do it a couple of times, you'll get the hang of it.

    Okay, now back to the rest of your blog so I can peruse.

  2. ha! thank you! that is exactly the info i needed!

  3. are you already using the large option when you add an image? and you want them larger? i'm just gleaning info here. and i love your new baby! and the leaf in the type tray. and you.

  4. new equipment--so exciting! i am sort of hoping to score a tabletop press myself someday soon. let me know if you have any tips as you seem to be an expert at collecting them! (: