05 May 2009

as i mentioned yesterday, i am no fashionista. i do not enjoy shopping. in general, i do not look in a mirror to decide whether or not an outfit is right. rather, i think, "am i comfortable? do i want to wear this all day?" i love my levi's and long-sleeved black shirt ($4 at wal-mart. i know! i'm sorry. i won't do that anymore). if i could wear this as my uniform i would. uh, and what i mean is, i basically do. especially in winter. between november and april, i pretty much don't have any interest in looking pretty or feminine. i just care about being warm.
however, eventually spring comes, and the weather warms up, and i manage to unearth my razor and shave my legs. i still don't like putting a lot of effort into it, but i want to look pretty in the summer. i want to look pretty, and i want to be as cool, and i want to do these things with as little energy and daily effort as possible. i am way more active in the summer, i bike everywhere, i am more social, and i sweat a whole lot more.
i have decided the solution to these criteria are a few colorful, comfortable, beautiful dresses that i can easily pull on and wear all day, any day. as a seasoned seamstress, this should not be a problem. with a good pattern or two, some fabulous cloth, and a weekend (or a few weeknights) i should be able to manage some great summer staples. here are some of my inspirations:
angry chicken's beautiful little number.

the gorgeous fiji dress available at modaspia.


  1. such a pretty cut, that top one. i can picture you wearing that and biking around.

  2. YES. Dresses are the way forward - so easy, and you'll always look good. That top one is swoonworthy.

    Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment! I'm very touched.

  3. i like the one below with the gathering! so cute! just make sure you get some stretchy little knickers to wear underneath for when the wind blows your dress up :-)

  4. Both are DARLING. Can't wait to see what you whip up for yourself!