04 May 2009

monday morning pretty.

how was your may day weekend? mine was lovely (a bit more low-key than the weekend before). the weather is finally warming up, and the grass is green, the magnolias are in bloom, and there are bright green leaves on the trees. oh, minnesota, how you trick me into forgetting all about the longest, coldest, grayest winter of my life with your beautiful spring and summer.

here are some nice things from my weekend:
some girls have trouble not shopping.
not me. i can hardly handle prying $20 out of my wallet for a little blue top, but today it was totally necessary. i have next to nothing appropriate for summer wear. the shoes, on the other hand, simply irresistible (and totally affordable at $28). i'm pretty sure they will come in handy.

a friend is getting some practice letterpress, as a thank you for the loan of a comprehensive allen wrench set:

a very special new baby is getting a little present in the mail (thanks to this shop, found at craftstravaganza):


  1. Yea Spring...lilacs, pansies, tulips, rain, sneezing, cat dander, wheezing, fluffy pooch fur in the wind. Spring sprung, but "vote for Summer!" By the way, windy about and an old skinny mouser cat could be taken up in the gusts. Hang on to him, he's good for the cushions on the porch...sometimes...!

  2. i agree! love the shoes. and yay for a-dog and his wrench set!

  3. Everyone needs a good pair of chucks! Especially if you ever want to move to SF again.

  4. Your letterpress cards are so pretty...and so is that blue top:)