01 May 2009

get it done in may.

(these are some pictures i took yesterday as i was STILL trying to diagnose what is wrong with my press. since i couldn't get my head into the tiny spot behind the platen, i stuck my camera in there to take a picture of the offending part to see what the screw thingy looks like. i was so pleasantly surprised to find these compositions on the screen of my camera! i forget how much i love bright, saturated colors until i see them and they just make me giddy! they seem like the perfect driving force for my new line of designs, and i am excited to start working with them).

i didn't quite get everything done from my april to do list. april was not a good month for me, i was sick and out of town (that was good, but not for my productivity) and just off, in general. however, i feel pretty good about what i did get done (considering), and i am ready to go with my goals for may:
1. make things. i have been kind of creatively blocked--or intimidated is maybe a better word--and i need to get making things.
2. photograph the things i have made.
3. really, seriously, get a file box (the paperwork is overflowing, folks).
4. write up my application for the eileen fisher grant.
5. look for a new, part time job.

i think i am going to keep it at five for may, since those are five pretty big ones, and i really want to have them done by the end of may. also, i am going with the theory (it's a new one) that if i can remember the goals in my head, maybe they will actually get done. the bigger end goal is to get my etsy shop re-opened by the end of may/beginning of june. i have been fighting with google analytics lately, as i cannot seem to troubleshoot why they are not tracking my blog--which i am really curious about. if anyone has any tips, i would be so grateful. i still can't manage to get my press fixed, and my frustration is growing.
and in general? i feel a little discouraged. i am having trouble keeping good perspective lately. but may is going to be better!
so there. here we go!


  1. Hi Laura,
    Your comment was ahead of mine on Modish Biz Tips, so I thought I'd drop in to see 'you'.
    Your goals for this month look great. I was looking at the Eileen Fisher Grant too. I won't be trying for it this year but maybe next...Good luck.
    Good luck with your goals too. And your 'pressing' problem ;)

  2. I want to get a new, part time job, too. Maybe at the cricket cafe. i want to just walk to the cafe, wait tables, walk home, write, and live my life. do NOT want to daily sit and look at a computer for 8 hours anymore. :(

  3. did you figure out how to fix the screwy thing? i realize that's secondary compared with the lovely pictures it afforded. . . but what can i say--i'm a pragmatist (not really, but i'm trying to convince myself).

    love love love!

  4. thank you for your comment on the junklot! i love you!

  5. What a great way to evaluate each month - yay for lists!

  6. Good luck! I'm participating too again this month. It's nice to know others out there are doing it along with you. :)

  7. Good goals. I've tried to keep mine short too this month in order to get them completed.

  8. "Make things" sounds so simple, but can become so difficult. Good luck!

  9. Did find another apartment get overrulled?